Tape London - Club

London, UK

Tape was Pop Smoke’s favorite place to go to have fun in London. Check out the videos of one of the nights Pop had at Tape with Sheck Wes.

“Many have stepped through the doors of Tape club / studio but on a rare occasion do they vibrate on a next frequency bringing an untouchable energy. We had every UK artist knocking down the door trying to meet him so I had to limit access but Pop refused and wanted to embrace everyone, that showed me how respected yet humble of an artist he was and how much he loved the Uk music scene. We used talk ideas on how he would make the UK his second home.

His last performance, left an imprint and touched everyone, it was one of the best we’ve ever had. The way Sheck Wes introduced Pop to the club stage after his own performance with so much love and admiration showed me the how much love other big artists had for him.

I will never forget our friendship and the special moments he shared with us.”

Zues Sherlock (Founder Tape Ldn)
Instagram: @zuessherlock